These fish didn’t get away

By Alison Squires

All that was required was a hearty appetite and a love of fish.

Mallard Wildlife Federation’s annual fish fry was held April 25 at the hall in Rose Valley.

 Wildlife Fed Fish Fry Rose Valley 2014

Wyatt Boey (left) assists Carey Hemluk at one of four grills on the go while Jan Sawchuk, regional director for Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, seasons the fillets.

More than 375 lbs. of walleye were brought in from northern Manitoba and pan-fried with a choice of lemon pepper or salt and pepper .

For 337 diners:

Serving Up - fish fry 2014

The meal included baked beans, coleslaw, potatoes and buns.

There was plenty of interest in the silent auction items:

Fish fry - silent auction -

Alma Stull (left), Ester Czarnocki and Anita Kulbatski.

at the fish fry 2014 in rose valley

Martin Dashney

fish fry bartenders 2014

Proppin’ up the bar.

Although perhaps the most successful fish fry yet, says the federation’s membership chair Dennis Martinson, that is not stopping them from making other fundraising plans. The local federation has acquired some land and is looking to seed and harvest it for some extra cash.

Maybe the next thing on the list should be an outdoor bread bake-off, but whatever the case, let’s hope the fish are biting next year.

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