New home build being completed by Fishing Lake students

By Andy Labdon

There has been a new development, in more ways than one, at Fishing Lake First Nation.

Students in collaboration with a building firm from Yorkton, are being offered an educational program called Construction Worker 101. Those from Grades 10 through 12 have the opportunity to work alongside tradesmen to build a home from start to finish. What makes this particular project more exciting is that one of the students involved, Natelle Desjarlais, will move into the home when it is completed.

“I am very excited about it and have also become interested in roofing,” said Desjarlais, who will be graduating on June 22. She is hoping to move in on completion date, June 23.

“I have tried everything so far, and like the electrical work as well as framing,” said Kashina Paquachan.

Another student, Junata Sunshine said, “Framing and roofing I liked, but have more to learn and would like to do the five-month school to start as an electrician.”

All 13 students involved in the project receive hands-on experience from using the tools to build, learning about the materials used in construction, the safety aspects of a construction site, plus, the gain from the experience and knowledge of time-served qualified tradesmen.

Other companies who have supported the project have supplied students with safety vests, helmets, tool belts and tools. The students work from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and in five days, have built all four walls capped with a roof. The next stage was for the whole building is for it to be mould treated by a specialist mould prevention firm, who also took the time to explain the dangers of mould and the process and advantages of mould prevention in a new build.

“The students love it!” said teacher Laurie Kayseas. “It is an awesome project, and all the students are gaining an interest in carpentry, plumbing, and roofing.”

In the following weeks the two-bedroom house will be a hive of activity with every trade being taught to the students, who in turn just might take up the trade.

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