Kuroki wildlife hands out hardware

By Charlene Wirtz

The Kuroki Wildlife Federation held their annual supper and awards at the Kuroki Community Centre on April 21. The delicious supper attracted a full hall, and included roast beef, ham, cabbage rolls and salads.

The awards were then given out to:

Joe Batiuk, tied for sportsman of the year; walleye, 4 lbs; Northern pike, 6.4 lbs;

Rob Schultz, tied for sportsman of the year; mallard, 3 lbs., 2.3 oz; men’s whitetail deer, 79 5/8;

Cody Stomp, youth whitetail deer, 141 0/8;

Kathryn Schultz, ladies’ whitetail deer, 123 0/8;

Hanna Rumbold youth moose, 154 2/8; and

Jonathan White, elk, 236 3/8.

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