4-H regional speech finalists make job tough for judges

By Charlene Wirtz

From Kamsack to Guernsey and north, including Humboldt, Prince Albert, Melfort and Tisdale, the 4-H North East public speaking competition was held at the Kelvington High School on April 8.

Distinguished judges for the event included Candice Patrick, Amber Guenther, Elaine Comfort, Alveena Oryszczyn, Sherry Anderson, Michelle Marquette, Kam Kiland, June Draude, Jill Semko, Lynn Prevost, Brenda Patrick and Hugh Nerlien.

The varied and interesting topics covered by the candidates have been shared below and made for an entertaining afternoon.

Candidates are listed by category, 4-H District, title, and topic of speech.

Clover Bud (ages 6-8): Eva Tsaprailis, District 27 “My First Year at Summer Camp,” about why camping is fun; Carter Possberg, District 21, “Jonathan Teows,” favourite hockey player; Bella Adams, District 32 “My Boyfriend,” about her horse Silver; Sydney Koloski, District 18/19, “My Dogs,” about his pet dogs; Amber Spray, District 42, “My Trip to Edmonton,” why she likes road trips; Bronc Toews, District 43, “My Dog, Tank,” who once brought a frozen cow’s head into the yard for guests; Kaydence Provost, District 26, “One of My Favourite People,” her grandfather; and Vanessa Charko, District 31, “All About Me,” including her hobbies and friends).

Junior (ages 9-12): Katherine Possberg, District 21, “Skiing,” a recent ski trip; Blake Zagrodney, District 42 “Grade 4 Spelling,” and why he can not wait for Grade 5; Dominique Bonney, District 32, “Living the Nightmare,” at her mom’s home daycare; Karis Leuschen, District 28, “Old Buddy, Old Pal,” her first pony Chester; Jessicka Harder, District 31 “The Election,” about how she held her own election; Danika Prevost, District 26, “Let Them Eat Cake,” the life of Marie Antoinette; and Cade Bartel, District 43 “Sports” and why he likes them.

Intermediate (ages 13-15), had slightly longer speeches, at 3 to 5 minutes: Christina Posnikoff, District 20, “Spot the Lie,” advertising and how they get you; Dirk McChesney, District 42, “My Horse, Reba,” and the good times they have had together; Jessa Fox, District 18/19, “Music,” how it can positively affect the brain; Taylor Hoppe, District 21, “Volleyball” and how much fun it is; Olivia Pannell, District 31, “Friendship,” the different types; Serena Griffin, District 28, “Stereotype,” and how we judge others; and Jazz Frazer, District 27, “Let’s Work Together,” how we judge and classify other people.

Senior (age 16-21), allowed 4 to 8 minutes: Emily Letendre, District 32, “The Most Marvellous and Mysterious,” Moose Jaw tunnels and Al Capone’s influence on the city; Tenesha Novak, District 42, “Life Lessons,” taking it one step at a time; Rachel Christensen, District 20, “It’s Just Not Our Fault,” the teenage brain; Amanda Gurbach, District 31, “Adventures Abroad,” how she got hooked on travelling; Makenna Heidecker, District 28, “Imagination” and how it improves our lives; and Fayth Stolzfus, District 18/19 “American Mustang,” why mustang populations deserve preservation.

The Regional competiton was hosted by District 42 4-H. First- and second-place winners in each category will continue on to the provincial competition to be held in Canwood, Sask., on April 23. Good luck!

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