Murder, mayhem for dinner in Rose Valley

By Charlene Wirtz

The Rose Valley Community Players held their annual dinner theatre on April 7 and 8, at the Rose Valley Community Centre to capacity crowds.

The play this year, a comical whodunit, was “Murder at Rundown Abbey.” The aristocratic Crumbledown family and assorted relatives are having difficulties adjusting to the Modern era (1920s Britain), where the nephew wants to marry a servant, the stepdaughters are going flapper, and the money is disappearing. In the midst of all this, the devoted old butler Treadlightly, played by Wil Lengyel, is found dead – with a poison dart in his back.

Private investigators Sam Splayed (Ryan Calder) and his assistant Kitty Katz (Sharon Quaal) from ‘over the pond’ are hired to solve the mystery.  Splayed becomes Jeeves, the incompetent new butler who can’t find the loo and fails to usher in guests, while his assistant Kitty does most of the detecting. Meanwhile Lord Crumbledown (Cecil Opheim) has memory problems from a kick to the head from a horse and can’t remember when the fox hunt is; Lady Crumbledown (Val Bjerland) reminds him plus tries to keep nephew Reggie Snodley-Snippett (Caelan Lupien) and his beloved Annie (Meagan Miller) apart; and daughters Hortense (Jayne Erickson) and Edith (Lynne Prevost) from being too obvious about chasing eligible bachelor Harold Symington-Dimwitty (Thomas Sunderland). Mother Lady Snodley-Snippett’s (Dianne Zagrodney) autocratic temper that keeps driving servants away and solicitor’s assistant, Olive Green (Sharon Nedjelski), gardener Gus Grumbles (Rick Farber), and cook Murgatroyd (Shauna Etsell) round out the suspects.

Crew for this year were director Wil Lengyel; prompter Sue Calder; props Lynne Prevost and Rick Farber; sets Richard Petersen, Rick Farber, Louie Czarnocki and Cecil Opheim; costumes Ardys Chipeur, Helen’s Costumes, and cast; and sound, Cecil Opheim and Wil Lengyel.

The excellent food complemented the entertaining show, and all had a wonderful time. We can not wait to see next year’s offering!

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