Fishing Lake student receives award

Among the 48 recipients receiving awards for academic achievement at the University of Saskatoon recently was Brendan Desjarlais of Fishing Lake First Nation.

The Aboriginal Student Achievement Awards were handed out during a ceremony held on March 2 at the University of Saskatchewan. His bio at the ceremony read: “Brendan is a motivated and noteworthy student pursuing a degree in computer science, a field that is currently in high demand and requires both creative and computational thinking skills. He has demonstrated that he is a strong student in his courses through both his high academic standing and by working with his peers to develop course projects.

“He is currently interning with a local technology company in Saskatchewan as a software developer.

“Brendan has admirable priorities and values, focusing both on school and his family life. He has received glowing reviews from his supervisor, exhibiting a passion to learn new skills and technologies.”

According to his grandmother, Shirley Wolfe-Keller, Brendan always showed great interest in his studies, also receiving awards throughout high school while attending Invermay School. He went on to University of Regina before switching to the University of Saskatoon and graduating from the College of Arts and Science.

His father is Brian Desjarlais of Fishing Lake First Nation. Brendan is married to Jocelyn and together they are raising daughter Luna, who is 11 months old.

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