Staple Main Street businesses change hands

By Andy Labdon

Wadena Drugs has a new owner! After 22 years of service, owners Greg and Yvonne Linnen are handing over the reins to new owners Jonathan Kiesman and his wife Margie.

Readers with exceptional memories may remember the name, as Kiesman completed his internship at the Wadena pharmacy in 1993. From Wadena, Kiesman went on to the Co-op pharmacy at Estevan then moved east to Ontario. It wasn’t long before he came back west to Lethbridge then finally Saskatoon where he now owns and operates his own pharmacy.

Born in Outlook, Kiesman says the move to Wadena “fulfils a want to return to the small-town pharmacy.”

With Margie’s close ties to Rose Valley that include her parents, Merlin and Louise McFarlane, the Kiesmans and their six children are looking forward to eventually relocating to this area.

As the Saskatoon pharmacy is still operating, it will be some time before the whole family moves but when they do Kiesman says, “It will be business as usual” as he plans to make no major changes.

Scoops opens, expands menu 

Since selling the Blue Willow Motel in May 2014, Stephanie Turnbull has had a wish to run another business. So when Scoops came on the market the business seemed to meet her needs.

Since opening on Feb. 24, Turnbull has made a few changes to the menu. Now included are warming soups to sweep away the winter chill and salads for those wishing a healthier diet, but ice cream is still at the top of the menu.

“Yes we have been selling ice cream even in the cold weather!” Turnbull said with a laugh.

Opening hours have been extended to seven days a week  from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. right through till October 2017, and maybe longer.

Since opening Turnbull says business has been brisk with 100 to 150 customers a day from local customers to passing trade.

Being a mom of four children all under the age of nine, the first couple of weeks have been hard, she says. With 13 staff and a couple of weeks under her belt, Turnbull says she has now fallen into a rhythm of work.

“I look forward to serving customers old and new in future months,” and, hopefully years to come!

Scoops was owned by Meghan and Rob Bilokraly, who purchased the business from Vie and Earl Haugerud in January 2007.

Left to right, Greg and Yvonne Linnen have handed over the reins to Jonathan Kiesman, new owner of Wadena Drugs.

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