Vintage Ford returns to family of former owner

After more than six decades, Mike Descalchuk’s former dray service vehicle finds its way home.


Celebrating the location of the family’s “missing treasure” are, left to right, Ron Descalchuk of Sturgis, his grandson Brody, Ron’s brothers Keith of Stenen and Dave of Preeceville, and Ron’s son Darren, also of Preeceville.

Surrounded by bush near Barrier Lake, the 1928 Ford Model A 5-window coupe was discovered by the current landowner, wrote Ron Descalchuk in a letter to the News.

When a friend of one Mike’s grandsons was contacted through social media, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the family was informed of Mike’s “lost treasure.”

Mike ran a dray business and lived in Fosston before moving to Hendon when he got married.

“Back in the day, nothing arrived by truck. Dad decided he could take the trunk off it and use it to make deliveries from the train,” said Ron. “I remember, growing up, the Dregers had a dray service in Wadena to do the same thing.”

He said the car was discovered by chance by some quadders and the landowner was willing to let them retrieve it at no cost.

So on Aug. 14 a four-generation family crew that included Ron, who now lives in Sturgis, his brothers Keith of Stenen and Dave of Preeceville, Ron’s son Darren and grandson Brody, also of Preeceville, and Ron’s daughter Tammy of Archerwill, plus some willing volunteers, travelled to where the vehicle was located.

Because Ron owns a towing business and had all the equipment necessary, he said it might have taken them an hour to get the vehicle out of the bush.

He said the family really appreciated all those who helped them find the family’s “lost treasure.”

“We’re going to hot-rod it the way my dad would have done it,” said Ron.

His brother Keith said he was “flabbergasted” when he heard of the found treasure. He builds rat rods and told the News that everyone will pitch in on the new project, which is being bumped to the front of the line.

Plans are to restore the car and give it to Ron’s grandchildren and Mike’s great-grandchildren, Brody and Blake.

By Alison Squires

Wadena News


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