Rhubarb Rocks!

The Kelvington Heritage Art and Cultural Society held its first Rhubarb Festival at the Old Station House on June 18.

rhubarb at station r

The Rhubarb Festival, a simple but novel idea, came to the Society when a need to lift its profile was evident after two poorly attended shows. And lift the profile it did! Rhubarb, a vegetable sweetened when cooked, and combined with other fruits as a dessert, made for a plethora of entries into the variety of contests.

rhubarb food r

The warm Sunday was well attended, with somewhere in the region of 80-90 visitors all sampling pie and other rhubarb delights.

rhubarb ladies r

But it wasn’t just about rhubarb. Local artist Armand Roy was on hand to sketch caricatures of visitors, and artists Jerry Tony, Louise Sonstelie, Rose Steadman and Linda Patenaude had their art on display.

andy r

The Kelvington Heritage Art and Cultural Society plans to make the Rhubarb Festival an annual event and to encourage the townsfolk to participate in Anything to Do with Rhubarb.

rhubard jack and carol r

Judging by the way the inaugural event went, it looks like the Society just might be onto a rhubarb of an idea!

By Andy Labdon












Rhubarb and patience can work wonders. – German proverb

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