Students Recognized for Volunteer Commitment

Doug Kelln, CEO of SaskEnergy, was the honoured guest on June 2 at the SaskEnergy Volunteer Champion Awards, which recognized the junior volunteers for Meals On Wheels in Wadena.

The event, organized by Mary Rose Kulyk and Kelly Tokarchuk, was held at Wadena Composite School on the evening of June 2.

Guests and award-winners were greeted with a welcome dance from members of the Wadena Vohon Ukrainian Dance Club.

Dalen Sowa, Kyler Wickstrom r

Dalen Sowa and Kyler Wickstrom helped welcome guests with the bread and salt ceremony.

Former Wadena resident Kelln was introduced before a delicious meal was consumed at leisure.

The presentation of the SaskEnergy Volunteer Champion Awards came next. Kulyk and Tokarchuk described the concept of Meals on Wheels and explained how the local youths volunteer their time to help out. The Meals On Wheels program not only helps seniors to remain in their homes but enhances the social side of their lives. For some, the Meals on Wheels may be the only visit they get all day. The service also helps indirectly by acting as an observer; last year a junior volunteer aided in the recovery of a senior who had fallen. A fact that is not well known is that all the meals are different due to the dietary needs of individuals, and care must be taken to deliver the correct meal.

Kelln stepped up to say a few words about the SaskEnergy Volunteer Champion Awards. He went on to speak about Wadena and growing up here and the memories and connections Wadena gave him. To emphasize the hurdles and the barriers of life, Kelln told a little story about when he used to play golf at the Wadena Golf course. At number two tee he would bemoan the water tower being in the way of his next shot. His golfing partner had seen this obstacle in a different way. He had worked out that if he hit over the tower, the ball would always land on the green.

“Perspective,” Kelln said. “See your obstacles with a different perspective.”

Volunteer Awards r

Shayna Campbell, Amber Meyer, Kaila Douglas, Courtney Bilokraly, Eryka Chamberlain and Kellie Anderson.

A tour of the school and a trip down memory lane for Kelln, a former pupil, ended the evening.

By Andy Labdon


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