Cemetery to Have Benches

Way back in 2012, a small group of people was responsible for organizing the Wadena Homecoming Centennial celebrations. For two years, Meaghan Bilokraly, Bill Filipchuk, Dawn and Jay Lorenzen, Sharon Nedjelski, Lisa Ochitwa and Bonnie Wallin planned and prepared for the celebrations, right down to the last detail.

Eliason and Wallin r

On behalf of the cemetery committee, Conrad Eliason receives a cheque from Bonnie Wallin, a member of the 2012 homecoming committee.

At the very last moment the caterers pulled out, leaving what Wallin calls “a challenge.” How would they feed 800-900 people the evening meal? Fortunately, cool heads prevailed and they pulled off the “feeding of the 5000” by morphing into caterers themselves.

With the registration fees added to the savings made by keeping the catering “in-house,” the committee found it had a cash surplus at the end of the weekend celebrations.

The money would be donated to certain causes, the first being a blanket-warmer for Pleasant View Care Home. The second was to the Wildcat building in the newly named Wildcat Park, in memory of the Wildcat Battalion and former hockey players of Wadena.

Recently the last donation of $6181.81 went to the local cemetery committee for concrete benches, complete with emblems depicting where the funding came from.

By Andy Labdon


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