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The latest production by Wadena Players Theatre is another hit! Filled with humour and music, Don’t Hug Me, I’m Pregnant garnered laughter and standing ovations during its three-day run in Wadena.

WPT cast photo r

Left to right, back row, Bruce Godhe, Anastassia, Juston Sowa, Wanda Jones, Kelsey Walter, Jordan Willcox; front, Marilee Lazar, Caelan Lupien. –photo Pat Casement

Picture this: Clara (Marilee Lazar) and Gunner (Caelan Lupien from Rose Valley) Johnson own the Buckhorn Bay bar. Clara is eight-and-a-half months pregnant and hormonal. Gunner is not sure about fatherhood but wants a boy. Kanute (Bruce Godhe), Gunner’s beer-drinking buddy, has an issue with socially appropriate behaviour. Bernice (Anastassia, who goes by one name only), Clara’s friend, avoids Kanute’s repeated proposal attempts by announcing her engagement to Aarvid (Jordan Willcox), who sells karaoke – pardon me, lifestyle enhancement – machines.

WPT jordan bruce anastassia r

Bernice, to the dismay of Kanute, standing, has her cap set for Aarvid.

But Aarvid has just lost his job, his savings and his minivan; Kanute will not take no for an answer; Bernice has second thoughts; Gunner refuses to go to the drugstore for, you know, feminine things; four feet of snow are overloading the roof; Clara goes into labour; and wolves are gathering around the bar, attracted to the spilled wolf scent in the back of Kanute’s car-truck.

To top it off, Clara and Gunner discover they share a first cousin, which makes them, yep, first cousins.

marilee, ana r

Clara, left, and her friend Bernice.

The cast and crew had fun with this play, and the audience loved it. The songs were amusing and well sung, and Godhe’s physical comedy nearly had people rolling on the floor. Anastassia once again got to wear the short-short dress and deliver the torch song. All the cast gave excellent performances, against the backdrop of an aptly decorated set. From the deer head to the muskrat pelt drying on a frame, it was the picture of a rural bar.

This was the sixth year for Wadena Players Theatre and, just as with age comes experience, with practice comes excellence. Overheard comments from the audiences included “It’s their best one yet!” and “They did such a good job,” and “The singing was so good!”

By Charlene ‘Not from Nut Mountain’ Wirtz



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