Instructor says goodbye after 45 years

For four-and-a-half decades, Reg Glennie has given the Hunter Firearms Safety course in Wadena, and this is his last.

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Reg Glennie teaches his last hunter safety program at Wadena Composite School.

At the start of his career as a schoolteacher in 1971, Glennie attended summer school outdoor educational class at Qu’Appelle. He gained his certification as a hunter safety instructor, which led to the start of his gun safety programs for prospective hunters.

Throughout the ensuing years, Glennie has enlisted friends and colleagues to aid in the classes, and he recalls some of the people who helped. From Russ Brunt at the start, to Scott Harvey, Billy Anderson and Kelly Kozij, all have helped him to deliver his programs in his own unique way.

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Greg Hart, left, lends a hand demonstrating gun cleaning.

Glennie estimates that he has educated 600-700 students in the Saskatchewan Hunter Program, plus students in the federal program, bringing his tally to more than a thousand students. They have come from all walks of life, from the army to the RCMP to local high school students. Of one student, Glennie said, “I told him that yes, the army taught you to shoot people. Now I am going to teach you not to shoot people!”

In 2015 the federal government announced changes to the regulations and curriculum for the Firearms Safety Course, which would mean a costly investment for any instructor. It seemed a good time to let someone else take on the responsibility. Jennifer Maleschuk has accepted that challenge, although no doubt Glennie will still be seen helping out.

The Saskatchewan Association for Firearm Education has awarded Reg Glennie a Certificate of Appreciation for his years of service as a hunter safety instructor.

By Andy Labdon


Wadena News


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