Colour and Company

Paint and Pint Night arrived in Hendon recently when a group of area women decided to try an entertainment idea that combines creativity and socializing.

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Left to right, back row, instructor Armand Roy, Candace Willcox, Ellen Comfort, Crystal Paulson, Lisa Josephson, Sandi Gudjason, Sherrey Hickway; front, Loretta Van Luven, Hazelanne Sowa, Lori Waite, Lani Sawchyn and Deb Johnson. Missing is Shannon Gronick. Photo: Loretta Van Luven

Armed with brushes, paint, a little imagination and refreshments, and under the guidance of artist Armand Roy, the ladies took turns applying different elements to create one big painting.

According to participant Loretta Van Luven, some had painting experience and some did not. One could never be sure what one painted would remain, she said, as someone else might have another idea and paint over an earlier addition, but it was all part of the fun.

Roy encouraged them to critique their own work throughout the process and again when it was complete.

The result? An enjoyable evening out, a little stress release and some creative expression, although there’s no word yet on who gets to keep the canvas.

By Alison Squires

Wadena News


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