Suzie Vinnick wows Wadena

Once again a fabulous Canadian musician has been featured at a local house concert. Joining the ranks of many artists who have met with an enthusiastic reception at performances presented by Shadow House Concerts, Suzie Vinnick played to a full living room on the afternoon of Feb. 21 at a farmhouse north of town.

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Originally from Saskatoon, Vinnick is a blues and roots singer/songwriter who has won 10 Maple Blues Awards and been nominated for Junos three times.

The audience included people who had heard Vinnick before and a few who were new to her music, so she had a special introduction.

“If you have ever heard this, then you have heard me before,” she said, and went into a few bars of her most played recording: “Always fresh, always Tim Hortons.”

Vinnick sang, accompanied by her guitar “Leslie Rose,” and between numbers she told stories about the songs, her development as a musician, and her growing-up years in Saskatoon. She even brought along her electric bass and gave the audience a taste of that along with her perfectly pitched blues voice.

Vinnick has been doing house concerts for at least 20 years, and told the News she enjoys them for many reasons.

“Every venue has its benefits but a house concert is a listening environment, where you get to meet people in a different way than other kinds of concerts.”

Her career, which started with playing bass and supporting other artists, has progressed to doing her own shows with other artists supporting her.

“I have played with some great people who gave me chances they didn’t need to, gave me great opportunities and exposure. I am really grateful to them and thankful that I am in a position to give back now to others.”

A brief intermission between sets gave guests the opportunity to mingle with each other and with Vinnick and her sister, who was her travelling companion on this portion of the tour. It also gave music lovers the opportunity to peruse the array of CDs the vocalist and guitar pro had displayed next to her microphone. Some guests left the farm with a stack of half-a-dozen different CDs by this lady who has a long history of excellence when it comes to the blues.

By Charlene Wirtz




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