More Than $2k in One Afternoon

The Wadena Recreation Centre opened up to Telemiracle 40 on ice on Feb. 21. Five hockey teams from Wadena participated in the fundraising event: Wadena Jaguars, Wadena Panthers, Learn to Play, Bantam/Midget girls and Bantam. Off the ice, the fish pond and face-painting were attractions as was the raffle table, with prizes galore to be won, all donated by the business community of Wadena.

The Blue Devil is escorted off the ice.

The whole afternoon was a delight for players and spectators. Bernie the Blue Devil, a.k.a. Darin Faubert, was a likely candidate for the sin bin and, true to form, he was eventually led off the ice! It seemed only right that some of the coaches also ended up keeping the “’Blue Devil” company.

The refs displayed a sense of humour, as the puck seemed to transform into a frog and a tennis ball, or was the frog a chicken! In any case it didn’t have much effect on play, although the refs made some dubious penalty decisions, all in good fun.

frog on ice r

It was especially nice to see the older players coaching and coaxing and letting the younger ones make a break for goal and score. Nothing pleases the eye more than a youngster pumping the air after a goal.

Team managers and coaches helped to organize the event, Jared Linnen acted as announcer, Kevin McMartin and Jay Lorenzen worked the penalty box, the Town of Wadena donated the use of the rink, Dean Murray was a referee, and many others worked in the kitchen and gave their time, raising more than $2100 from the afternoon’s activities.

By Andy Labdon




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