Atchison to stand for election

Family Day in Saskatchewan, Feb. 15, saw the leader of the provincial Progressive Conservative Party, Rick Swenson, arrive in Lintlaw to support local businessman Tim Atchison as his nomination for the PC Party was confirmed. He will be the PC Party candidate for the Kelvington-Wadena constituency in the April 4 provincial election.

Rick Swenson, Tim Atchison r

Rick Swenson, leader of the PC Party, and nominee Tim Atchison, right.

Atchison reiterated his aim of finding a resolution to local issues such as the continual dilemma at Quill Lake, with its rising waters and flooding of neighbouring farmland. He expressed his aims to revitalize rural Saskatchewan and to meet the needs of the seniors in the community. Provincial issues that affect the rural community were also tackled; privatization of the liquor stores came under fire, as well as a perceived lack of vision when it comes to tourism in Saskatchewan.

Swenson took to the floor and outlined what the PC Party has been doing to make the Saskatchewan Party more accountable for its actions, past and present: more accountable for taxpayers’ money and regarding issues of money and projects. He cited the Regina bypass debacle as one example. He outlined his party’s plans for a healthcare structure to replace the one currently in place, stating that there are too many managers with too high a salary, and that money could be spent elsewhere. He closed with some ideas about energy savings, farming practices, and support for our natural resources.

The meeting ended with a question-and-answer session that led into a general discussion of concerns.

By Andy Labdon



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