Round Table for Proprietors

The newly formed Wadena Community Revitalization Committee (WCRC) held its first Business 2 Business Mixer in Wadena’s curling club lounge on Feb. 11. It was something akin to King Arthur’s round table of old, with more than 50 business leaders, entrepreneurs, movers and shakers attending the forum.

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Florence Christianson

The WCRC was established in late 2015 by a core committee with the idea of strengthening and revitalizing the community of Wadena. The committee, comprising 11 members and the chairperson, Isla Kiland, opened the meeting by sharing a vision of what they would like to achieve: the encouragement of economic and social sustainability in a safe, healthy and thriving community. This inaugural meeting was to establish a connection with business owners and invite discussion of what they believe would help their businesses and the community grow, while meeting the aims of the WCRC’s mission statement.

Florence Christianson facilitated a broad question-and-answer session based on several questions:

What are you looking for in our community?
How can we help your business?
Staffing your business, is it an issue?
What are Wadena’s strengths and weaknesses?

The evening ended with a unanimous agreement that this committee endeavour would be good for business and the town of Wadena. Further meetings and the formation of subcommittees will soon be in the pipeline.

By Andy Labdon

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