Codie Prevost parties it up in Wynyard

It was anything goes when Codie Prevost and two of his band members, guitarist Todd Peters and percussionist Hal Schrenk, appeared onstage in Wynyard on Feb. 5.

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Just like his latest album title suggests, the evening was “All Kinds of Crazy” mixed in with a little Johnny Cash, Johnny Reid and Bob Seger. Prevost performed both solo and accompanied, taking the time between songs to talk about how he got started, from growing up on the farm and becoming a father to the bumps of life on the road.

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Oh, and did we mention the duel between Prevost on guitar and Peters on kazoo?

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When the audience was not up dancing, they were either laughing too hard or had tears in their eyes from Prevost’s stories and songs or from his gestures of generosity toward fans. Prevost explained that the current tour was a result of the showcase he attended last spring for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils. Having played in Indian Head the previous night, he and his troubadours were headed to Hudson Bay the following evening, but not before making a stop at home near Archerwill.

His tour will take him to Luseland on Feb. 26, Leader on Feb. 27, then Martensville on March 5. In May he will travel to Ohio to stretch his wings, having also previously performed  in Texas and Nashville. The U.S. appearances will be bookended by performance dates in Humboldt and Rosthern.

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Guitarist and kazoo player Todd Peters led a conga line, of sorts.

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Jaimie Peevers, Prevost’s road manager, just stood back and watched it all unfold – er, unwind!

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It was all in fun when percussionist Hal Schrenk was forced to sing a line or two, which is apparently outside his comfort zone, accompanied by Alice McCaw of Wynyard.

By Alison Squires

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