Another exciting Robbie Burns Night

The 20th annual Robbie Burns Night was held at the Quill Lake Community Hall on Jan. 15, featuring the Quill Lake Highland Dance Club and guest performers the Glenlily Dancers from Saskatoon. It was a wonderful evening, right down to the excellent dancing, the Scottish décor and pub, the bagpipes, the haggis and the four tables laden with desserts.

burns three dancers r

So much time and work goes into a production of this magnitude and we commend all who spent the season preparing for it. The dancers themselves practise one night a week and come from Quill Lake, Englefeld and Wadena. Instructor Renee Ingram, a Grade 12 student in Quill Lake, takes the credit for choreographing the dancers and putting together the program. She is the daughter of Paul and Melanie Ingram.

Renee Ingram

Renee Ingram

Jim Walls and his wife Lynda Lyon-Walls drove out from North Battleford to do their parts. Jim played guitar and sang, and Lynda piped in the haggis, to which Jim, in full flight and with sword in hand, gave a highly entertaining Address to the Haggis, written by Scottish poet Robbie Burns.

burns man kilt r

Adding musical performances of their own were Melanie Watson, who played piano and sang, and Laura Parsons, who brought out her fiddle, to the delight of all. Although it may not technically be called music, Isobel Marshall gave the Celtic grace in Gaelic, a musical language if ever there was one.

burns bending r

Dancing, music, food … what more could one ask! Raffle prizes, of course. Lynn and Garfield MacGillivray had donated a framed photo of Scotland, Leanne McConnell a homemade quilt, and Elizabeth Walter a handmade afghan, so lucky raffle winners went home with something special to remember the 20th anniversary of the Quill Lake Highland Dance Club.

Congratulations to all, past and present, for two decades of making the community proud.

By Ellie Farkas



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