Cadets receive awards and promotions

The Pipestone Cadets #2271 held their annual parade night with promotions and awards at the community hall in Wadena. Captain Lorri-Anne Proznick officiated the evening, assisted by Captain Claire Enright and Second Lieutenant Maryanne Rutko. Special guest Kevin Garinger, director of education, presented the awards and promotions and spoke to the cadets.

Director of education Kevin Garinger presents Noelle Proznick with the Lord Strathcona Medal.

Promotions were given at all levels. From cadet to gunner, promotions were awarded to Joshua Barousky, Shelby Proznick and Christian Watson. From master bombardier to sergeant: John (Adrian) Anasarias, Amanda Brownlee, Tyson McNab, James Rutko and Justin Wilton. From sergeant to warrant officer: Trystan Gibb, Genevieve Anasarias and Noelle Proznick. From warrant officer to master warrant officer: John (Alfonso) Anasarias and Trevor Brownlee.

There was a further promotion awarded to 2nd Lt. Rutko, to lieutenant. Rutko also received a six-year service medal. Silver Stars were awarded to Sergeants McNab, Wilton, Rutko and Brownlee. Four-year service certificates and pins were presented to Warrant Officers Gibb, Anasarias and Proznick. Five-year service certificates and pins were presented to Master Warrant Officers Brownlee and Anasarias.

Claire Enright presents John Anasarius with The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence.

The Lord Strathcona Medal, the highest award for a Canadian cadet, was presented to Warrant Officer Noelle Proznick. The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence, a prestigious award for excellence in citizenship, was presented to Master Warrant Officer John Anasarias.

By Charlene Wirtz

Wadena News


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