From 1961 Broadway to 2015 Wadena

The Wadena Players Theatre once more held a successful spring run of dessert and dinner theatre at the Wadena Community Legion Hall from April 30 to May 2. Come Blow Your Horn, Neil Simon’s first play, featured an excellent cast as well as the musical talents of Marilee “Monroe” Lazar and Anastassia.  With a few down-home touches including Casement’s Yiddish-Ukrainian accent, the play was set in 1961 New York, Saskatchewan.

musical interlude r
Host for the evening, Marilee Lazar, left, and Anastassia entertain during a musical interlude.

For once the straight man, veteran Mike Wolfe played Alan “Hrynchyshyn,” playboy about town, who spends two days a week at the family business, a wax-fruit factory, and the other five days playing around. His younger brother Buddy (Jordan Willcox) runs away from home — all three blocks to Alan’s place — to assert his independence and emulate his older brother’s lifestyle, which he finds most appealing. Girlfriend mixups, missed phone messages, a distraught mother and a gruff father turn the brothers’ lives upside-down with hilarious results.

buddy and ma r
Mom, played by Jackie Lindstrom, is none too happy when she hears her baby boy Buddy, right, is moving to his brother Alan’s. Alan will be a bad influence!

riot act r
Dad, played by Pat Casement, left, reads the Riot Act to his eldest son Alan, played by Tom Wolfe.

aunt gussie r
Both her nephews have hated being kissed by Aunt Gussie (Frances Ekstrom) for as long as they can remember, but no matter — she’s closing in on them again.

cha cha r
Jordan Willcox played Buddy, who is practising the cha-cha at his brother’s suggestion so that he will be a success with the ladies.

actress wannabe r
Actress wanna-be Peggy, played by Fara Nygaard, sweettalks Buddy, who has been introduced by his brother as a bigtime Hollywood film director.

alan and gf r
Alan learns he can only play the field for so long. Connie, played by Anastassia, makes it clear she is not pleased about his lack of commitment to their relationship.

The play was produced by Marilee Lazar and directed by Anastassia, and there were many people behind the scenes to support the production: Wanda Jones (prompter), Duane Sweatman (lighting), Juston Sowa (sound), Merrissa Karmark (stage manager), Wayne Lazar (marketing), Claire Enright (house manager), Dale Elphinstone and Dean Bodnaryk (set construction), Pat Nowakowski (decorating) and Alison Squires (printing). Several members of the troupe wore multiple hats: Marilee Lazar pitched in on set construction, decorating, makeup, and hostessing; Casement did promotions and aided with set construction; Enright assisted with decorating.

By Charlene Wirtz

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