Useful items go from Wadena to Granada children

A trip to learn to speak Spanish ended up loaded with care packages for students living in Granada. Reg and Sheila Glennie of Wadena recently returned from a months-long vacation in Nicaragua, where they visited a school and unloaded a duffle bag full of goodies donated by local organizations.

Glennie_Nicaragua r
Reg and Sheila Glennie with staff and children at the Casa Xalteva school in Granada.

It all started when the Glennies visited Casa Xalteva Education and Cultural Centre, mainly a non-profit school for underprivileged children. Those who attend receive two meals a day as well as regular classes for all levels, plus English lessons, arts and crafts, sports and excursions. The funding for the school is almost entirely provided by those who attend the Spanish immersion classes, part of the reason for the Glennies’ trip.

A social couple who always enjoy immersing themselves in the culture, the Glennies got to know Simon Walter, the school’s executive director, and some of the staff and children at the school. But soon after they arrived, the trip was cut short due to a family emergency and they flew back to Canada, vowing to return.

It was while back home that Reg decided to approach a few people to see if he could gather some things to take back for the students. Smalltown generosity delivered sports equipment, Blue Devils T-shirts, gently used running shoes and $200 from the Help for Humanity group at Wadena Composite School; school supplies and colouring books from Wadena Drugs, Wadena Co-op and Crossroads Credit Union; a used laptop from Tom McDougall of Ducks Unlimited; and a hockey bag from Stuart and Susanne Byman in which to pack it all. By the time the Glennies returned, the bag came in just a half-pound under the 50-lb. baggage weight restriction.

In a chat with Reg last week, he reported the students were thrilled with their gifts from Wadena. Even the running shoes were met with absolute jubilation.

What a great idea, Reg and Sheila. Let us know what you need for your next trip!

By Alison Squires

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