There’s always a next time

Just as the sun was going down a few Sundays ago, the tags on Francis Kayseas’s fish line shook with promise. As he tried to pull in the 12-lb. line with what seemed to be a monster catch, it snapped, so he and his fishing partner Blaine Wahweaye reached down to grab the fish by its gills as it broke the surface of the icy water.

This 23-pound northern pike measured 42 inches in length.

When Kayseas phoned the News he was pretty excited, hoping to beat Gerald Nelson’s 30-pounder reported in the Wadena News on March 28, 2012.

Alas, this northern pike was about seven pounds shy of Nelson’s. Still, it was the largest Kayseas had ever caught.

He was set up about 40 feet from shore near the Fishing Lake sports grounds early the evening of March 8 when it all happened. The fish measured a decent 42 inches long and was one of only three caught that day.

No doubt Kayseas will go back to that spot to try exceed his own record plus beat the 40-pound pike that was caught off Leslie Beach in 2009.

Happy fishing, fellas!

By Alison Squires

Wadena News


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