Missoula Children’s Theatre shows up in Quill Lake

Quill Lake School presented its annual play on Feb. 27 with the Missoula Children’s Theatre from Montana. The production was Rapunzel, a light-hearted musical with a bit of a moral attached.

missoula fun gus
Fun Gus (Benjamin Ingram), the orange mushroom, explains the “morel” of the story.

Organizer Mrs. Evans was assisted by Morgan Maul-Smith and Ted Drury from the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Maul-Smith and Drury came for the whole week to work with the cast of students, and Drury acted in the play as well, as narrator and to provide support for the youngest children.

missoula ears of corn
The Ears of Corn (Emilee Vigoren and Kaley Ingram) and the Potato (Aurora Benjamin) spy on Rapunzel for the wicked witch.

The students put on a fine performance and the audience enjoyed it greatly. We look forward to next year’s production!

missoula wood elves
Wood Elves Reilly Sunderland, Ashlynn Lipka, Brianna Bussiere, Hailey Chegus and Lexie Gollings, with Ted Drury, help the Prince with timely information.

By Charlene Wirtz

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