Seniors’ lodge gets new facility technician

Steve Loosemore comes to Weneeda Park Lodge from Regina, where he worked for the Regina Public School Board for eight-and-a-half years as a facility technician.

Weneeda r
Steve, left, and Marty Byman doing some heavy duty snow removal in the parking lot.

Prior to living in Regina, Loosemore lived in Sedley and Martinsville. He enjoyed the small-town life and wanted to raise his daughter in that same atmosphere. A friend knew he was looking for something in the rural area and sent him a picture of Weneeda and the ad for the position. Loosemore decided this was just what he was looking for and was successful in acquiring the position.

He likes to work on cars, trucks, and home renovations and enjoys fixing things, so he is definitely a good fit at Weneeda Park. He also has certification in numerous areas of construction. Staff and residents alike are excited to have Loosemore aboard.

His daughter Shae will be attending Wadena Elementary School.

Submitted by Sharon Nedjelski

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