New fundraising legislation for new year

New legislation will help Saskatchewan people who launch spur-of-the moment fundraising efforts to assist others in need.

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The Informal Public Appeals Act will only apply to informal or sporadic efforts, such as when money is raised for a family who lost a home to a fire or flood.  It does not apply to professional or ongoing fundraising efforts.

“People have run into legal difficulties by raising more money than intended,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “The Act addresses some of the unintended legal consequences that can arise for people who are acting out of the goodness of their hearts.”

The Act will make it clear that all money raised is held in trust.  It will also outline the responsibilities of the person spearheading the fundraising effort.  By filling out the necessary forms at the outset, that trustee will be offered the fullest protection under the Act.  The trustee may state what will happen to the money raised once the fundraising effort has reached its goal.  Otherwise, the surplus has to remain in trust.

More information on The Informal Public Appeals Act is available at

The Act went into effect Jan. 1, 2015.

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