Search and Rescue responds to call-out

Three members of Wadena and District Search and Rescue (WADSAR) departed for Lintlaw at six o’clock on the morning of Nov. 22. WADSAR joined forces with search and rescue members from Porcupine Plain, Saskatoon and the RCMP search team out of Regina in an effort to locate a missing person lost in the forest north of Lintlaw.

Among the searchers on Nov. 22 for a man missing north of Lintlaw were, left to right, Ted Comfort (Kelvington Trail Blazers) Wendell Charbonneau and Claire Enright (Wadena and District Search and Rescue) and Anna Knuteson (Porcupine Plain Search and Rescue).

Also assisting the search were three members of the Kelvington Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club.

The search had just gotten underway when the missing person managed to find his way to an occupied cabin approximately six kilometres from where he had abandoned his quad. He suffered no ill effects as he was able to keep a fire going through the night to stay warm. His ordeal has left him a wiser man and he promises to be much better equipped for his next adventure in the bush.

The first thing Search and Rescue advises is to have a trip plan before you start out. This individual had laid plans with his party to return to their cabin by a certain hour. When he did not return, the alarm was raised immediately.

The second thing Search and Rescue advises is taken from the boy scouts: Be Prepared. Have survival gear on your person and if you are venturing into the woods, have a compass and know how to use it. If this individual had done that, he would have been home in time for supper.

This search ended happily for all concerned.

The searchers came from different communities and different walks of life. Normally, working with such a diverse group would imply a certain need to overcome logistical challenges. The common training provided by the Search And Rescue Saskatchewan Association of Volunteers was validated as a professional, well-equipped team was formed in a matter of minutes.

Saskatchewan has many wilderness areas to be enjoyed, but few of us have wilderness survival training. If you are going trekking in the wilderness, take the extra time to plan so you can do it safely.

By Pat Casement

Wadena News


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