From country music’s green carpet to Wadena’s stage

Archerwill’s “favourite son” and country music star Codie Prevost is set to heat up the stage in Wadena as he sneaks in a local gig coming off the green carpet of the recent Canadian Country Music Association awards weekend.

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Codie Prevost and his band are coming to Wadena to promote their latest album, All Kinds of Crazy.

Climbing his way up the awards ladder for the past several years, Prevost was nominated for Album of the Year at the 2014 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) Awards.

His latest album and cover have caused quite a stir in country music circles. Since its release in March, All Kinds of Crazy debuted at Number 6 on the iTunes Canada Country Albums Chart and has been getting a lot of air time cross-country, both in Canada and United States. As well as being a CCMA nomination, it is also on the ballot for Country Recording of the Year at the 2014 Western Canadian Music Awards to be held later this fall.

This past spring Prevost won big at the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (SCMA): Fan’s Choice Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and the SCMA Achievement Award.

By the time this issue of the News hits the streets, this year’s CCMAs will have played out from Sept. 4-7 in Edmonton, celebrating Canada’s best in country.

When asked, just prior to his departure for the CCMAs, what prompted the ideas around All Kinds of Crazy, he said there were just so many things that were happening at the time.

“Early in 2013 I was trying to decide where I was going,” said Prevost. “I was getting married, going on tour and recording an album all at the same time. You know how it is when you just get going through life?”

What seems to have garnered the most attention, however, is the cover of the album where he sits on a stool dressed in circus-like garb in front of two elephants that are reared up behind him. Many have asked how Prevost was able to get the elephants “photoshopped” onto the cover.

“Most don’t believe it is a live shot,” said Prevost. “It was actually Hal Schrenk who came up with the idea.” Schrenk, a graphic artist, is also the band’s drummer.

The question became, “How could we manage to pull this off?” said Prevost. “All we needed were the elephants; then it just so happened that the Tarzan Zerbini Circus was in Saskatoon. So Hal made a few calls and arranged it all.

“We had just one hour with the elephants before their show opened. The elephants’ trainer told us that they could only do one trick, so we had one opportunity to get the shot. It was a little nerve-racking,” admitted Prevost.

“Sometimes the coolest things just happen,” added Prevost, obviously wise beyond his years.

As for the video for the title song where Prevost is kidnapped by a band of “bigfoots,” he said after the release of the video for the song Someday, which depicts domestic violence, “We wanted to come up with something else that people would feel like sharing (on the Internet),” said Prevost.

“We were trying to come up with something crazy. So I ordered the costumes from Los Angeles, and we filmed it up at the cabin at home where I had spent time when I was young.”

In the video, Prevost is dressed as a park ranger working for “Sask Watch,” searching the woods for Bigfoot. Eventually he is abducted by three sasquatches and ends up playing in their band.

He said he knew Chelsea Kapiniak, who had opened up her own place in Saskatoon and, conveniently enough, also had some experience in theatrical makeup. After the costumes arrived it just all came together.

“Each of the other band members (Al Leblanc, Todd Peters and Hal Schrenk) dressed up as sasquatches. The makeup actually took about an hour-and-a-half for each person. There were lots of takes,” laughed Prevost. “The only time it was just one take was the part where I am being carried away. It was raining and the guys were trying to get through the bush in those costumes. Their feet must have been about two feet long! But we had lots of fun filming it.”

When asked what it is about growing up in Archerwill that has helped him in his career, Prevost didn’t hesitate.

“It helps me stay grounded. When I opened for Big and Rich during the Grey Cup in Regina and I came out on stage, I had to stop for a moment. I thought, ‘How did it come to this?’ It was a moment that helped me realize,” he added, “that someone can come from Archerwill and end up doing all the things I have been able to do.”

The festival season was busy this past summer but Prevost says he likes busy, as he performed every weekend across Canada and the United States from RibFest in St. Catharines, Ont., all the way down to Hoisington, Kansas.

Looking forward, Prevost may be on the trail to Australia, where his high school friend Ryan Anderson is trying to put a tour together.

“We are expecting a baby in November,” Prevost said of himself and his wife Ashley. “In February I will be doing the Imagine No Bullying tour again plus I have concerts booked in March and I’m going to be starting a new album so I will be going back to Nashville soon.”

You can keep up with Codie online at; on Twitter @codieprevost; on codieprevostmusic; watch his latest videos at, or download his latest album from iTunes.

Better yet, catch Codie and the band live on Sept. 19 in Wadena.

By Alison Squires

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