Stories and songs and games, oh my!

The Wadena Baptist Church tried a different format for its vacation bible school this year. Children up to Grade 6 attended Kids’ Week every morning from Aug. 18-22 to play games, do crafts, hear stories and sing songs, all with a Western cowboy theme.

blowing bubbles ti
Vacation bible school: not just for kids! Mark Eliason gets into the spirit of things.

Volunteers, some from out of town, assisted Pastor Tim Irvine and his wife Karri during the week’s activities.

lazar r
Marilee Lazar gives a game demonstration.

Forty-nine children participated and 23 volunteers helped keep things rolling smoothly.

hoops r

Indoor and outdoor games, crafts, and singing and dancing were featured throughout.

painting ti

Stories, music and food were a big part.

guitar and stage r

The week wound up on Friday with a lunch of salads and barbecued hot dogs for the volunteers, participants and their families.

hot dogs ti

“This is the best barbecue ever!” one little girl was heard to exclaim as she inspected the offerings on the table.

slingshot r

Children as well as adults had a lot of fun throughout the week and the church will likely plan another for next summer.

By Charlene Wirtz

Wadena News


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