Crop tour at Rose Valley

ProSoils in Rose Valley sponsored a crop tour last Wednesday morning, combining a wealth of knowledge for area producers.


Approximately 30 acres had been planted with 13 different varieties (Canterra, Brett  Young, Dekalb) of canola seed so producers could see and compare results.

Differences in disease tolerance, height, yield, breakage and curviture of the stems, as well as the new option of canola seeds that lend themselves to straight-cutting at harvest, were all discussed.

David Zagrodney took the opportunity to get up close and personal with the canola varieties on display.

Micronutrient-based options were presented by Nutri RX’s Laurie Kidney, a farmer from Tisdale. Micronutrients, although new to Western Canada, have been used in farming practices in Europe for more than 25 years. How a soil tests determines which of a variety of products to add at each stage from seeding to herbicide and fungicide applications. There is no need for an extra pass, she said, as it can be included in the current mixture, depending on the growth stage of the plant. She uses the nutrients on the soil at her own farm, which was lacking in copper.

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