Youngsters get a taste of good ol’ days

The Archerwill grades 2 and 3 students, with their teacher Mrs. Lozinski, went on their “pioneer” field trip on June 23.

Archerwill pioneer trip R
Left to right, back row, Joey Klettberg, Kiegan Thorpe-Hanson, Warren Hamill, Levi Graham, Madison Patterson, Kylan Hamel, Annjolie Pelletier, Laine Wappasshoes, teacher Marlene Lozinski, Shyann Christianson, Carter Sewap, Kyus Schweitzer; front, Alexis Nygren, Alysha Hall, Shynese Carlson, Jaycee Prevost, Clarissa Hagenes-Molina and Montana Tom.

Their first stop was Kurt and Gloria Webers’ farm, where they milked a cow and had a taste of fresh milk before picking eggs from the chicken coop. Invited into the house, they had cookies and juice while Kurt performed a steam engine demonstration with a miniature steam engine set he received at age eight from his uncle in Germany.

Next they drove up to Ricky and Debbie Sunderlands’ farm, where Donald Sunderland gave them a demonstration of clothes-washing in an old washer. Each student had a chance to wring out the clothes through the rollers. After that they went for a two-mile wagon ride behind Donald’s team of horses, King and Bonnie. This gave the students a better idea of how far many children in the pioneer days had to walk or ride a horse to school.

It was onward to Pete and Patsy Chaykowskis’ farm, where the students learned about the homemade outdoor clay bake oven and how it was built. They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the oven, then enjoyed homemade cookies for dessert. They played on the old bikes and toys that Chaykowskis have around their yard, many that Pete built himself. A couple of their favourites were the three-seater bike and the bucking bronco.

To conclude the day the students went for a tour of the Rose Valley Heritage Museum and, guided by Caitlyn Engebretson, examined many items from the pioneer days. They sat in the desks in the old schoolroom and looked through old books, and saw the strap that the teacher once used and were glad that it is not still used today. They got to see many different antiques that they had been learning about in school for the past few weeks.

It was a great day, enjoyed by all. Mrs. Lozinski, the students, and parent drivers all appreciated the hospitality they were shown, which made their field trip one to remember.

Submitted by Marlene Lozinski

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